Buy Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan from Alengga Furniture Indonesia manufacturer and create your stylish living room with our high quality furniture. This Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan is our high quality furniture collections made by solid Teak wood with high quality finish.

Please note that our products are fully customization in alternative colors& sizes. Please state how you would like it customized during the submission process. Price varies according to selected materials, finishing and measurements.

Our Minimum Order is 1 x 20 ft container of mixed items. But there is no minimum order for our customer from Indonesia.

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Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan Product Details
The indoor Indonesia furniture collection from Alengga Furniture product code AL-WWS001 Teakwood materials and this style is complemented by it’s Natural Teak Lacquer finish.

Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan
A nice living room or another space would not be complete without this sculpture. This is a nice addition to already exist indoor or outdoor Indonesia furniture products on your home. Well? Of course you must have Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan, so they become perfect displayed for your home living room or in another space. Yes of course we have them too. Why indoor Indonesia sculpture? Well? It’s because they has a gorgeous design which is mythology, romantic and also it has beautiful grain, that other wood species doesn’t have.

Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan Designs
Why choose Teak Wood Sculpture? Teak wood Sculpture has beauty and unrivaled characteristics. The luxurious and Elegant impression will be present in the house that has teak sculpture is because teak wood has a very fine fiber and smooth. Constructed of total handmade carved from the highest quality teak wood from Indonesia with an official commitment to manage their timber resources sustainable. You can also make a custom design of Wooden Sculpture of Leda and the Swan to fit your personal needs. Simply give us a call or shoot an email and we can talk a little more detail about it.

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